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Testing Results

The first test was to test the system's requirement that it weigh no more than 20lb. This weight limit does not include the ladel or the die. The system was weighed three times and each time came out to weigh 19.9lb, just barely passing.

Test 1
Test 2

The second test was to see if the system's dimensions were within the required 20x25x8 in limits. The system failed this test with its new handle at 14x32x5 in. It is acceptable that the system failed this requirement because the location the system is going to be stored has changed which allowed for the change to the handle. This was per customer instructions. Below is an image of the test to try and fit the system in a 20 x 25 in box. The base of the system fits but the new handle is too long to fit in the old storage space.

Test 3

The third test occurred twice because the first pour test failed. During the first pour test the ladle wasn't heated so when the liquid aluminum was poured into the ladle it almost immediately solidified. To solve this we shortened the ladle's handle and put it in the oven with the small crucible so that when the metal was added to the ladle the ladle wouldn't absorb all of the heat in the aluminum. This allowed the system to actually pour on the scond test. Below is an image of the system just after the second pour test was completed.

The third test also included testing if the base was going to catch fire. This wasn't a requirement but was a test worth doing to see the impact of the heat shields.

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