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Project Construction

his page will be updated with images, videos, and details of the construction process.


Below is an image of the finished CNC milling of the Die Holding Arm.

Construction is now complete.

After construction was completed initial testing resulted in changes to the design and construction of the system. The handle was moved due to safety concerns and a change in where the system would be placed in the foundry. The new handle was very over designed but given the short time frame, the need for only one, and the available materials over designed was just fine.


In the image below you can see the system sitting in its new location in the foundry with its new handle.

Construction Videos

CNC Milling Video

A short video to show some of the CNC milling done to make the lever arm.

Ladle Modification Sample

A short video to show some of the work done to modify the ladle to better fit the system.

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