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Design Progression

This was the original model design. It was based on the requirement that the system be able to tilt as one piece. Other ideas were considered but the customer seemed to prefer the idea of a lever arm design in meetings, so that became the core of the design. This crude design model was initially created to ensure that the design ideas and the customer were in agreement.

Initial Model
Second Model

This second model adopted a more covered design to address concerns of the ladle spilling. Unfortunately in this angle you can't see the first attempt at what would later become the laddle handle guide but it is there on the model's left side.

Minor Models

These models show the minor changes that occurred in the middle of the design phase that made minor tweaks to the system. The lever arm was changed from wood to steel for heat concern reasons. A couple of the early and ill advised (literally) attempts at adding a handle to the system. The lever arm's rest was also added in these models to add distance between the potentially hot metal and the wooden base.

Later Models

These later models show the final handle placement for the design phase as well as the adoption of the more open faced system to better show the metal flow for education purposes. The final model aslo displays the addition of the heat shields to try and ensure operator safety.

Final Product

This is the final design of the system. Shown in its new location in the foundry.You can see in this image the final incarnation of the handle as well as the system's die.

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