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Die Cast System

The project is to design, manufacture, and test a table-top die cast system. The system is intended to be used as educational lab equipment for the MET 257 Casting class at Central Washington University.


The report below is a living document that is constantly changing and updating with the project.

Function Statement

The system must demonstrate the die casting process to students in MET 257 – Casting Processes.


The requirements for this project are:

  • Must demonstrate the die casting process.

  • Must be compatible with the currently available casting equipment and space.

  • Must weigh no more than 20lb.

  • Must fit into a space no larger than 20in x 25in x 8in.

  • Must work with Aluminum.

  • Must be designed to tilt.

  • Must be able to be operated by the MET 257 instructor without assistance. As per Customer.

  • Must cost less than $200 in parts that aren’t donated.

Success Criteria

This project will be deemed a success if the system can be used by the instructor of MET 257 to demonstrate die casting without assistance from the system’s designer.

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